Mon, 17 Jul 2006

New SMS received

Message 1

I am in Spain!
What a fine country.
2006/07/16 18:10:18

Dear sender,
I'm happy about you being so enthusiastic about your visit to Spain. I would probably be able to share the moment with you if I had the slightest clue about your identity.
Have a great night at nearly 30°C,

Aquest guiri no sap el que es diu. O estava borratxo.

Posted by Marc B. at Mon Jul 17 01:49:43 2006

De totes les persones, sabia que tu posaries un comentari, marc :D

Posted by Jordi at Mon Jul 17 08:22:10 2006

Home, tinc un prestigi que he de defensar ;-)

Posted by Marc B. at Mon Jul 17 22:21:20 2006