Thu, 31 Aug 2006

Just because I love trains

Metro lines I have used:

Got at!

You simply can't have travelled using the Sevilla Metro Lines, as the first line is still under construction :P

Posted by foncu at Thu Aug 31 10:55:33 2006


Posted by Luis at Thu Aug 31 13:59:33 2006

Hi Jordi!

El Metro de Sevilla hasn't opened yet!

Posted by jason at Thu Aug 31 14:28:27 2006

Renfe and Catalonian Trains are train crap. Don't deserve to be called metro"politan"

Posted by Solkar at Thu Aug 31 19:42:29 2006

Sevilla -- Oops!
I did take the Cercanias from the Palacio de Congresos. And suffered the Metro building works. :)

Posted by jordi at Sat Sep 2 19:41:58 2006

Perhaps you may be interested in our blog, called Converses del tren (Train conversations)

Posted by n at Thu Sep 21 19:33:16 2006