Tue, 28 Jun 2005

NEWSFLASH: Dinosaurs are now extinct

Researchers from the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula have just informed that after many, many years of populating Galicia, dinosaurs are finally extinct in the area.

"It's a very special moment", said one of the scientists, "as we had expected this to happen many, many years ago, but the last specimen, a small 'Fragasaurio', never gave up".

Local journalists try to analyze the new situation, as it's the first time without dinosaurs running around since the Galician autonomy started.

"We... we feel like a void. This land has been ruled by dinosaurs since the late 30's and suddenly, they are no more!"

Even if it's expected that some members of the "Friends of the Dinosaurs" tribe will whine loudly about this for a few days or weeks, nothing can stop the Galicians from having new leaders who might bring some changes to the area. Congratulations!

En realidad, no siempre estuvo gobernando el PP desde el inicio de la autonomía. Hubo un tiempo en el que gobernó un tripartito liderado por Fernando González Laxe, del PSdG. Más info:


Posted by Xouba at Tue Jun 28 11:07:26 2005

The Great Nuclear Hero of Palomares will never die or give up. He is immortal...

Posted by Jesús Corrius at Tue Jun 28 11:20:11 2005

Gracias por la aclaración, Xouba!

Ya veo que hubo un breve periodo en el que los dinosaurios estuvieron en cuarentena. :)

Posted by Jordi at Tue Jun 28 12:21:34 2005