Sat, 03 Jan 2004

Yet Another Blog® is born

Yes, I had been procrastinating about doing this for a looong time already, but never sat down to do it, basically because I didn't know what software I should use, or anything.

I have been an Advogato user before, but gradually stopped posting there, even if I liked participating in that community. Now, with Keybuk very recently opening PlanetDebian, IRC appears to be full of people that just stopped procrastinating about building their own blog, so here I am.

Of course, this site needs a lot of work, and it'll get there, but for now it'll be using the simple 1993 look that comes with the pyblosxom Debian package. Pyblosxom is quite neat, I must say!

I plan talking about my Debian & GNOME stuff here, and hopefully less about my triathlon stuff. For that, I tend to use my Drupal-based blog at my team's website.