Fri, 13 Jun 2008

Upgrade to PyBlosxom 1.4.3

This week I spent some time upgrading PyBlosxom to version 1.4.3. I was still using 1.2, which probably was insecure and buggy. This is the first step in a bigger plan to replace Apache2 with nginx in this server, but that will come later.

I was lucky to find PyBlosxom's author, Will, on IRC at the right time, who kindly answered a few questions and helped solve a few issues with the comments plugin and flavours. So, after a while, I had fixed a few subtle, 4 year old bugs in my XHTML templates and more notably, fixed lots of small bits in the rss feed, which finally makes Liferea and Advogato like my entries.

But, the biggest achievement was getting a brand new plugin from Will, which allows to close comments on entries after an expiration date. So, even if I was happily using Mako's Akismet plugin, I still was getting 5 or 6 spams each day on very old entries (favourites being one about Alonso visiting València and one remembering the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War). Well, not any longer.

My dear spammers, you can now go pester someone else, or pick new entries pretty quickly before they get closed down. It's been a nice fight, but it's a good time to wish you go away and fuck off. With love, Jordi.

Thank you, Will!

Could you plase describe the problems you had and how you solved them? I just installed 1.4.2 and I am having a lot of trouble with flavours and the comments plugin. It is hard to find good info on the web, I would appreciate anything you can tell me. Thanks.

Posted by fernando at Tue Jun 17 12:59:27 2008