Sun, 27 Jun 2004

Finally, a stylesheet

Today I saw 3 different persons go into #gnome, ask about the GNOME problems in Sarge, and being directed to my blog. This was enough to make me feel quite embarrased about the lack of css stylesheet (I removed the default pyblosxom style, and the new one wasn't working). So after a few hours and facing many problems, I have a prototype, which still needs polishing, but works for now. I have updated the pyblosxom flavour to XHTML 1.1 Strict, which is a bit painful in some aspects, but works ok on Mozilla-based browsers. The biggest problem is that it requires a sane content-type, application/xhtml+xml, but IE doesn't know about this type at all. Sjoerd gave me some Apache Rewrite magic, but I didn't manage to get it working. I'll see if he knows what's up with Apache2 tomorrow.