Tue, 23 Aug 2005

Blogging in Catalan

When I started this blog a year and a half ago, I was maintaining a blog in my team's webpage, in Catalan, to write about my triathlon-oriented stuff. The momentum this webpage had acquired is now mostly lost, and I have no energy to promote its use among my team members once more.

Recently, some Softcatalà people started a Planeta Softcatalà for the blogs of all the organisation's members. If you have a look, you'll see that my blog entries are clearly distinct to the rest of my friends in there: I'm the only one with an English blog.

For some time I've been wondering about dividing this blog in two sections, en and ca, and point the different planets to the appropriate languages. I think I would still give English posts some priority, but there are some things I'd rather write in Catalan (I think I feel like posting about my recent stay in the Pirineus in Catalan, for example). What do people do with respect to multi-language blogs? Catalan content probably wouldn't be too ok for Planet Debian or Planet GNOME, but would my Catalan readers want to continue reading my English content?

If you follow my blog, your comment is welcome.

As I don't tend to enjoy catalan articles much, I would prefer you focusing on posting in english. I do find your triathlon posts quite epical and would hate to miss them out.

Posted by Jakub Steiner at Tue Aug 23 14:19:35 2005

Personally, what with not being able to read Catalan and all, I wouldn't read your Catalan stuff, but having the two categories (and pointing planets to the appropriate categories) seems like an ideal solution to me. If your Catalan readers want to read your English stuff then they would surely subscribe to your top-level RSS feed rather than to the ca RSS feed and everything's fine; a Catalan-specific aggregator like Planeta Softcatalà would presumably have Catalan-only content?

Posted by Stuart Langridge at Tue Aug 23 14:29:17 2005

I don't mind if you keep writing in English... in fact, I'll able to enjoy your post no matter with language you'll use, English or Catalan. As a Team Softcatalà teammate it isn't a problem at  all to find  your English posts there.

Posted by xavier caballe at Tue Aug 23 15:19:03 2005

(for speeding, I write in cat|val). Soc seguidor del teu blog a través dels RSS de Planeta Softcacaca(ugh!). Hi ha un altre  blog que segueixo (vowe.net) que escriu en anglès o alemany segons el tipus d'entrada. Tinc una dita que utilitzo quan tingui dubtes: "l'elecció que facis serà la correcta".

Posted by edge at Fri Aug 26 16:25:10 2005

Què vols dir, "Softcacaca"?

Posted by jordi at Fri Aug 26 17:15:10 2005