Fri, 15 May 2009


So, today I turn 31. Fortunately I've had a year to learn that the thirties change nothing, and looking back, I can easily say I've enjoyed one of the best years I remember.

Today, a bit of protesting in the Plaça de l'Ajuntament against the old menaces of the Valencian Botanical Garden, and just after that, beer time around the Cedre area.

The amount of email, Facebook stuff and calls I've been getting today since I woke up is impressive. Thanks everyone! ;)

Happy birthday Jordi!

Posted by Alberto Ruiz at Fri May 15 20:44:30 2009


Posted by RainCT at Fri May 15 21:27:13 2009

Encara que arribi tard...

... felicitats, noi!

Posted by David Planella at Sat May 16 10:03:24 2009