Thu, 09 Jun 2005

A fun screensaver

Last week I learned about the newest flamewar in Debian mailing lists through the #debian-release IRC channel, while some people were busy trying to tackle the last few RC bugs in the sarge release. It seems KDE, in non-default configurations, might pop up a screensaver that might end up bringing some fresh pr0n to your monitor.

At the time I didn't even read the bug report, and quickly forgot about it, but the other morning Sergio asked me to come to see something at his work desk in office. He said it was WebCollage, the screensaver in the middle of the storm. He demoed it for me and soon enough we had a few interesting pictures in the screen: a baby, a top-less woman, Nelson Mandela...

Thanks, flame warriors! After a few years using the "blank screen" screensaver, I've found a new screensaver that brings some fun every now and then. It's cool to walk back into office after our break and find a weird composition of pics on the screen before you go back to work. :)

Ha! Same thing happened to me one day.  Came back from lunch and my notebook was displaying all sorts of really disturbing pr0n.

Didn't realize that I had my screensaver set to 'random'.

Not really sure that pulling random images from the internet is the best screensaver to have enabled by default unless you work in a real liberal work environment.

Back to blank screen for me.

Posted by Chris Parker at Fri Jun 10 00:09:23 2005