Mon, 25 Oct 2010

Recipe Manager meets arròs a banda

Two weeks ago, nekohayo posted a blog entry on Recipe Manager, a (you guessed it) cooking recipe manager for GNOME. Looking good, I fetched the bzr tree from Launchpad and played a bit with it, and soon discovered it had no internationalisation support.

I've tried to add i18n properly, but I've not had enough time to do it. Before tackling that, the authors need to give it some bootstrapping love so the app can actually install, look for its files in /usr/share, etc.

My fugly, unpostable current patch does allow for a preview of how Recipe Manager will teach the world about the best rice dish ever, arròs a banda. Yum!

Recipe Manager, showing off the zenith of Valencian culture

Please post the patch or a link once finished, I would like to know how to add i18n support for a existing app.

Posted by oscar at Mon Oct 25 11:59:30 2010

For a simple app, it could be as easy as this:

Posted by jordi at Mon Oct 25 13:48:34 2010

«dropó» vol dir el mateix que la mateixa paraula sense accent del Català central?
Si és així, em sento plenament identificat amb la recepta de la truita de patates :-)
De l'arròs a banda gairebé sento l'oloreta des d'aquí...

Posted by Epíleg at Tue Oct 26 06:14:06 2010

Ai, no sé pq jo sempre he dit "dropó" i veig que és totalment incorrecte. En fi, el GIMP és així de bonico, i ja no queda ni rastre! ;D

Posted by jordi at Tue Oct 26 12:19:59 2010