Mon, 06 Dec 2004

Arrived at Mataró

I arrived a few hours ago at Mataró, after a 4h train trip. This was, for a change, one of my best travels in the last few years in terms of preparation and timing. I even managed to be at the railroad station in València around 45 minutes early. Of course, that didn't avoid me forgetting to buy the newspaper or a bottle of water, but other than that, everything went ok, unlike recently in Madrid. ;)

As I walked down the street looking for the hotel, I came across a small, lost group of Canonical people, including Mako, Rob and Matt, and Quique from Sindominio. Mako went back with me to the hotel, and we quickly went out again to find the main group. We didn't, as it seems phoning to an Aussie mobile phone using an American mobile phone through the shittiest Spanish telco doesn't work that well, so we ended all alone in the main streets of the town. We decided to have dinner in a restaurant specialised in ham and other pig products. The food was excellent, and we took our time to finish it all, while we talked about, ahem, our past experiences with alcohol and other substances.

Good news is that Mako will most probably spend a few days in València when the conference finishes. Kinda cool, he needs to see how our government spends money in great buildings, and he can have a look at the great LliureX office, otherwise known as the ZuleX. That stuff will probably give him ideas for a ton or two of blog entries.

Back at the hotel, I met fabbione, bob2, thom, Mithrandir, tbm, garnacho and a few others, but it wasn't long before I went up to my room, where I spent a while listening to Mako's stories until we decided 2AM was enough.

The Canonical meeting starts tomorrow. It's going to be fun.