Tue, 14 Jun 2005

Interview with seb128

seb128 was just interviewed in #gnome-debian. We apologize for azeem interfering. Gosh, people are rude in Germany.

17:14 <@jordim> 1) Ok, seb, tell us a bit about you.
17:16 <@seb128> what about me?
17:16 < azeem> your favourite color
17:16 <@jordim> dunno, you're the dude being inverviewed.
17:17 <@seb128> I don't like interview
17:17 <@jordim> Ok, thank you.
17:17 <@jordim> 2) Why 128?
17:17 <@seb128> why not? no real reason, just a random 2 power ...
17:18 <@jordim> is that really why you took seb128? randomness?
17:19 <@seb128> yep. there is other "seb", no "seb128" :)
17:19 <@jordim> Ok, thank you for your time sébastien!
17:21 < azeem> seb128: this will bring your pop-star live to new levels!

Soon, more interviews to prominent Free Software hackers!

Excellent !

Posted by Mathieu Laurent at Tue Jun 14 18:36:01 2005

You know, I've done the 'power of 2' name generation thing before too.  I think I've used hannibal16 all the way to 256 at some point somewhere :)

Posted by hannibal at Tue Jun 14 19:17:31 2005