Wed, 21 Jan 2004

More progress on GNOME Mud

In the last days, the facts have convinced me that GNOME Mud is officially out of the death spiral where it had got stuck in the last many months due to development inactivity. Some days ago I posted about my surprise seeing new blood coming into GNOME-Mud. In the last few months (where barely anything had happened with GNOME-Mud), Robin and I had been getting subscription notifications to gnome-mud-list, but everything was quiet, and we were considering posting a call for help to FootNotes. Suddenly, Aravi and Uranus started joining #gnome-mud regularly, and have posted a few interesting patches. Lately, Aravi fixed PyGTK support and wrote his first script ready for mass consumption, the typical health monitor for your character, which nicely attaches to your taskbar. Finally, a usable GNOME Mud plugin! :) Meanwhile, Robin should be finishing the first bits of the move to libglade, while Uranus finishes MSP support, using GStreamer to play sounds. I'm trying to identify the numerous places where the app needs HIG love.

I tried playing a bit with Sodipodi and Inkscape to create a small shield to be used as notification area icon. Hmm, I suck at those programs for now. :)

We finally sent in the proposal to reorganise Debian's Catalan team. There's not too much feedback yet, but at least it's positive for now. Looks promising though, I believe we can find plenty of contributors in the many Catalan LUGs around the territory. We'll see. Committed a bunch of new GNOME translations from Xavi, while we try to figure out what to do with the giant evolution translation.

Holliday tomorrow, which means getting up quite early for cycling...