Fri, 25 Jul 2008

GNOME-Mud 0.11

GNOME-Mud 0.11 was released yesterday. This was probably something unexpected to those who follow the mailing list, as it's the first release in over three years.

Back in 2006, Les Harris started contributing to the project and started a major rewrite of the program. Things looked very promising, with the program being ported to newer GNOME technologies and standards and being basically rewritten from ground up. However, Les got hit by Real Life™ and being the project's only real hacker, development basically stopped for nearly two years. On June, I was tempted to remove my irssi subscription to #gnome-mud; all I did was idling or telling people who popped by that nothing was being done and that wouldn't change unless someone rolled up their sleeves and finished up the nearly ready 0.11 release.

A few days after considering declaring GNOME-Mud dead, Les joined IRC after more than a year of no contact, recovered his GNOME account password and started to commit the missing bits at an awesome pace.

A few weeks later, 0.11 was done, with even more features than originally planned (support for more advanced MUD protocols like MSP or ZMP, for example) and I finally found the time to make a tarball and publish it. Les has lots of plans for the next release, and I hope my old wish of seeing GNOME-Mud becoming a MUD client that is comparable to the classic zMud will soon be a lot closer. The foundation set by this release certainly will make it easier to accomplish.

As always, if you want to contribute, we'll be happy to help you out on #gnome-mud at GIMPnet, or in

Lol. Huge congratulations to them...

KMuddy it just picked up on development too! What timing.

Posted by Vadim P. at Fri Jul 25 21:52:35 2008

I'm still pretty interested in any ideas you have for actually using ZMP.  Nifty packages and the like.

I can provide a test server (written in Python) for playing with new package ideas.  The Python SourceMUD has basic ZMP support -- I just lack a client to experiment on.  ;)

In particular, do you have API docs online for plugins (including, of course, the API for registering new ZMP handlers) ?

Posted by Sean Middleditch at Sat Jul 26 04:44:27 2008