Wed, 07 Jan 2004

When the GNOME mess gets messier...

My cold isn't getting any better, and patience is not abundant anymore. Pills make me sleepy, and I can't concentrate too much to do Real Stuff when I sit down to do it.

Day 1 of the GNOME mini-freeze wasn't too successful. Abiword stumbled upon a new gcc-3.3 ICE, and while libxslt was fixed, it introduced another RC bug which makes builds using that package fail. The new libbonobo had newer shlibs, and the last buildd that needed to build libbonoboui picked that dep, so now both of the libs wait 10 days. Galeon keeps failing with a misterious "errno 3" when the buildd tries to execute, but just on two arches. I suggested the maintainer to stop autogen'ing galeon at build time, just to see, but it's weird anyway.

On the bright side, s390 compiled a few of the important packages that were missing like gnome-panel, gnome-applets or libbonoboui, and while they now depend on new libbonobo, it will solve some of the most important problems.

Did two uploads recently, one of them to fix an amusing bug in TWIG, which I have been trying to give away for ages now. Looks like the person in charge of taking it (hi Ignacio ;) is taking action, finally.

Some PlanetGNOME (I guess) reader mailed me a link on a blog entry by Seth Nickell just a few months ago, where he just talked about the same procrastination problem. There's a nice essay on this there. Thanks for the link, Colin & Seth!