Fri, 18 Jun 2004

WARNING: GNOME mayhem in Sarge

Sigh. Yesterday, most of GNOME hit Sarge, and today it reached the mirrors. It seems the result couldn't be more catastrophic... we really didn't expect GNOME packages to go into Sarge today, we probably only expected GTK+2.0 and a few of the lower GNOME libraries to make it. Instead, most of the modules managed to get in, including -panel, -session, -terminal and nautilus, but not including control-center and -applets, due to gst-plugins0.8 not being ready for testing yet.

This reportedly is breaking GNOME in Sarge quite severily, as nautilus is apparently missing a needed dependency on capplets, and nobody noticed. The result is nautilus showing the default icon (a blank paper) for all folder and file icons, making your filebrowsing experience quite interesting.

We're discussing what the most quick remedy may be. One alternative is to do uploads of -applets and control-center without gstreamer support and try to get those in fast. Another one is to see if testing-proposed-updates works and feed it with the gstreamer-less packages so they hit testing immediately.

For those who have already upgraded and need a solution, you will probably be ok if you just install by hand the missing packages, capplets 2.6.1-5, and the two dependencies missing in Sarge, libgstreamer0.8-0 0.8.3-1 and libgstreamer-plugins0.8-0 0.8.1-4. You will probably need to remove acme by hand too (and gnome-desktop-environment, if you had it installed).

If you don't know how to do this, the basics are these: to remove acme, do apt-get --purge remove acme. To install the three packages, once you have downloaded them, apt-get install libxklavier8 and then dpkg -i file1.deb file2.deb file3.deb. If you are a bit more experienced with Debian packages, the easiest is to add unstable (and leave sarge in too) to your sources.list, and after updating, do apt-get install gnome-control-center/unstable. After that, remove unstable from your sources again.

Bedtime now... In 5 hours I pretend to break my record mark of 10 days without any kind of triathlon training. The joy of injuries and lack of motivation.

This is pretty much exactly what happened during the 2.2 -> 2.4 transition (icons all broken in Nautilus for some time).

Posted by Joe Buck at Fri Jun 18 06:40:55 2004

Can you give the normal debian/testing user a sign in your blog when you think the time is ready to do the upgrade to Gnome 2.6? Thanks.

Posted by Michael Große at Fri Jun 18 08:46:15 2004

Sure, I'll keep you posted.

Posted by Jordi at Fri Jun 18 10:48:21 2004

debian sux slackware rules \o/

Posted by ptramo at Fri Jun 18 11:20:24 2004

Yeah, I'm switching to slackware tonight.

Posted by Jordi at Fri Jun 18 13:55:37 2004

Well, i am a newbie; Debian rocks.  Slackware may rule, but if you have to put a distro down, then it shows your lameness...

Linux ROCKS!! Windoze BLOWS!!!

lol.. ltrz

Posted by Ugly at Sat Jun 19 04:21:40 2004

i hate the collegeboard... oh and debian rocks too! i just upgraded to sarge yesterday and am having the icon problems along with a few other issues, which will hopefully be resolved soon.

Posted by Oren Hazi at Mon Jun 21 00:28:42 2004

OK, so it's broken. I don't like to fix it by installing some unstable extra package.

Can I fix it by just waiting some days and
doing as usally a update/dist-upgrade ?

How long ?

Posted by Johannes Behr at Tue Jun 22 12:55:47 2004

24 June, Still broken... I'm new to debian and I really like the package management, and the whole concept of new stuff arriving when it's ready. I feel a bit let down by this whole experience of one day it works, the next week it doesn't because I rely on it for my work.

Anyone else noticed that gedit has stopped working too? and for a time this week (I've been running apt-get dist-upgrade every day, hoping, longing...) the whole panel thing crashed on start up, then it mysteriously stopped.

Anyway, guess we've just to be patient.

Posted by rich at Thu Jun 24 12:43:22 2004

had the same problem on fedora core 2 so it doesn't seem to be a specific debian error... found some days ago a fix by editing gconf but as I updated now to the newest gtk the bug reappeared and the fix doesn't work anymore as gconf structure changed...

shit happens;-)

Posted by alvaro at Sat Jun 26 02:11:28 2004

icons are back. gedit still dead.

Posted by rich at Thu Jul 1 17:43:52 2004

Thanks to you and the Gnome team for all your hard work with the Gnome 2.6 release.
Much appreciated.

Posted by Harry8 at Thu Jul 8 19:34:47 2004

I guess Sarge will be releasd in about 3 years :D

Posted by lucifer at Fri Jul 9 02:24:43 2004

yay! gedit's back!

Posted by rich at Tue Jul 13 18:15:43 2004