Thu, 29 Mar 2012


The GNOME project released today GNOME 3.4, the second major update to the GNOME 3 platform. Congrats!

I know there's lots of polish and improvements to some of the major rough edges in GNOME 3.2, but I think that of all changes in this release, Epiphany really stands out, as you can see in blog posts by Xan and Diego.

Work to bring GNOME 3.4 to Debian wheezy users has been underway for a few weeks already, and some bits and pieces have been hitting unstable since the tarballs were released a pair of days ago. We still need more base work to be done before some exciting components like GNOME Shell can hit our archive, and we want to fix as many FTBFS with GLib 2.32 bugs as possible before pushing it to unstable, but all in all, hopefully this time, shepherding a major GNOME release to Debian testing won't be as painful as it was not so long ago. However, we have already identified some fun bits involving clutter, cogl and mutter in our initial analysis, but nothing that hopefully can't be dealt with in a civilised way.

As always, if you think you can help us, we're reachable at #debian-gnome at OFTC!

Hope it will work more than 2 minutes without crashing !

Posted by Anonymuze at Thu Mar 29 12:38:22 2012

Can i use gnome-shell's-3.2 themes in 3.4?

Posted by os_ at Thu Mar 29 18:14:08 2012

I have no idea yet. I suspect not.

Posted by Jordi at Thu Mar 29 19:51:45 2012

Thanks for your great work. Debian has always delivered a really enjoyable GNOME user experience. I am going to join up the IRC discussion to see if I could help in some parts.

Posted by Marcus at Thu Mar 29 21:52:04 2012

Hello Jordi, do you guys have a public repo (experimental maybe?) from where we can grab those packages to help you with the testing?. Thanks for the hard work on packaging! you guys rock!.

Posted by Robert at Thu Mar 29 23:48:05 2012

Robert, it's all in SVN: pkg-gnome project in Alioth.

Posted by Jordi at Fri Mar 30 00:27:56 2012

Debian should seriously consider to drop GNOME in favor of Xfce.

Posted by damn at Sat Mar 31 02:32:11 2012

Nice to hear about work on the latest Gnome-release, but what about Audacity 2 and VLC 2 ? Will they find their way into Wheezy in time?

Posted by andreas at Wed Apr 4 08:35:59 2012

Andreas, you should probably ask the Audacity and VLC maintainers. I have absolutely no idea.

Posted by Jordi at Wed Apr 4 09:49:31 2012