Thu, 18 Nov 2004

Updates on the GNOME 2.8 transition

We've spent the last two days carefully selecting what packages we should build and upload in an order that makes life easier for autobuilders.

Yesterday, the first few libraries were uploaded, as well as the user-guide. Some people had problems because a few packages didn't make it into incoming on time so some bits were uninstallable due to gnome-keyring depending on new atk.

Today, we've continued with important libs like libgnome/libgnomeui, libbonobo, eel and gnome-vfs. We've also uploaded a few apps now: bug-buddy and nautilus have hit sid and incoming respectively. As nautilus didn't make it to unstable by a few minutes, you should be careful about doing dist-upgrades today. apt will probably want to remove nautilus entirely, so I suggest you don't do it. :) That, or you pick libeel, libnautilus and nautilus from incoming, which will also work.

Sadly, in the process of building some of these packages, pbuilder left an active bind-mount of my local Debian mirror and I, trying to get rid of the bogus unclean build dir, recursively deleted the mirror entirely. Of course, this has slowed me down a lot, to the point that I had to ask Sjoerd to sponsor libgnomecanvas for me while I pick up the bits.

Maybe I'm a bit too optimistic, but I hope that maybe tomorrow we'll be able to finish all the builds, and we'll just have to wait for the autobuilders to do their work. At first everything went smooth, but they are already stuck in dep-wait failures due to libgnome, nautilus and others not having all the build-deps in place. Hopefully all the buildd's will retry soon...

A final note, remember not to happily dist-upgrade your unstable box today. Before that, check that nautilus isn't in your "to be removed list...

I wonder how I would do that. How do I merge the missing packages from incoming into the set of packages updated by dselect or apt-get ?

Posted by Sven at Fri Nov 19 15:57:05 2004

Sven: you either dpkg -i them by hand, or download them to a local repository so apt-get knows about it. It's normally better to just wait. :)

Posted by Jordi at Tue Nov 23 19:19:41 2004

What's the situation at the moment ?

I haven't seen any updates lately about the transition...


Posted by pietro at Wed Dec 1 03:38:48 2004