Mon, 13 Dec 2004

GNOME 2.8 in Sarge

gconf-editor is currently the last of the components under the GNOME team's control that is pending entering testing, and the last blocker for the 2.8 meta-packages to be candidates for sarge. If the s390 gconf-editor build is uploaded in time for today's dinstall, the transition will be complete tonight, and besides uploading a few new upstream releases from the GNOME 2.8.2 release, who knows, the GNOME team might get involved in some new fun...

Still, we are missing a new upstream GDM release, plus evolution 2.0, which got a new RC bug, trivially fixable. We're finding out if Takuo is able to do a quick upload, else we'll do a GNOME team NMU to speed things up.

The GNOME team is still getting big thanks on IRC and in some online forums. That's the stuff that makes us want to keep going. :)

Isn't this causing any MIME-type associations pain? I expected this transition to be quite difficult for distros.

Posted by Murray Cumming at Tue Dec 14 10:43:31 2004

Fortunately, most of the stuff that had MIME stuff went in at the same time as Evolution/gnome-vfs2, so  we didn't have that problem. Only gedit had a slight delay.

Posted by Jordi at Tue Dec 14 15:30:54 2004