Wed, 08 Sep 2004

GNOME 2.6 transition complete

Today's testing run finally allowed eog 2.6 to enter testing, which was the only missing piece of the GNOME meta-packages in testing. Sarge users will get a few new packages pulled by the gnome-desktop-environment and gnome packages, and new Sarge installs will finally get a complete GNOME 2.6 desktop installed.

The only big missing bit now is gdm 2.6, which is missing an arm build (already built, just not uploaded) of libselinux. With this version of GDM in Sarge, GNOME users will be able to shutdown the computer directly when they close their session, which is probably a feature many want to see in the release. And that's about it... I guess I'll do a final sarge upload with a few minor tweaks (version bumps and other tightening), and then will start to work on updating the dependencies for the GNOME 2.7/2.8 packages in experimental.

So, in short, Sarge finally has completed the GNOME 2.6 transition. Even before GNOME 2.8 is released upstream!

Sarge finally has completed the GNOME 2.6 transition. Even before GNOME 2.8 is released

I don't think it's a matter to be proud of. Half a year after release!

Posted by Tomasz Torcz at Wed Sep 8 02:56:39 2004

Congratulations on all the hard work.  As a benefactor of that work I heartily thank you and all the other dedicated debian/gnome masters for making this happen.  However, this does make me feel guilty for not helping out myself.  Free Software is just an addictive mentality, eh?  Thanks again.

Posted by Paul Ortman at Wed Sep 8 08:02:38 2004

Heh, I saw this coming ;)
Tomasz, GNOME 2.6 has been there for a long time, check my freesoftware section archives. Only the metapackages had been missing for one reason or another, but people have been using GNOME 2.6 in Sarge for a long time, and even longer in Sid.

Thanks, Paul!

Posted by Jordi at Wed Sep 8 10:03:40 2004

If so, I apologize, I've misunderstood. Congratulations then!

Posted by Tomasz Torcz at Wed Sep 8 12:26:44 2004

one week pased, but gdm still outdated in Sarge :(

it seems lots of packages have problems with arm architecture, maybe Debian shouldn't support this architecture officialy ? I doubt if there are arm users, which use Gnome 2.x or KDE 3.x ...

Posted by Mantas at Wed Sep 15 13:22:19 2004

I am eagerly waiting for Sarge (I am just too lazy to use sid :-) ). Man, GNOME 2.6 is one of the worst in the 2.x series (2.8 fixed a whole lot of funkiness in it), well 2.8 came in too late. But, I hope the usual Debianizing would make the experience better. Well, GNOME will be a fast moving target, at least for some time. Thanks to all who make them all work.

Posted by Finite State at Sat Sep 18 20:40:47 2004

Yeah, bad timing for 2.8 and Debian. Too bad, as we have it packaged already in experimental.

Only a big delay in the Sarge release would make GNOME 2.8 go in, but this possibility is more than remote...

Posted by Jordi at Sun Sep 19 22:12:41 2004