Tue, 03 Aug 2004

Yet another GNOME 2.6 in Sarge status update

gnome-applets (plus a number of other less important packages depending on libgtop2) has finally made it into testing. The only two remaining packages that keep the metapackages for GNOME 2.6 out of testing are eog, which is stuck in a libexif transition, and gnome-games, which is affected by all the transitions you can imagine: gcc-3.4, gnutls11, tiff (via gtk+2.0) and librsvg2. It'll take a while to get that one in, I'm afraid. Fortunately, the most important packages are all in testing by now, although joeyh is tracking an important bugfix in gnome-session for the installer team. The fixed gnome-session is, unluckily, trapped in the tiff transition too, so it'll also take some time.

Update: Sigh, again I show that I shouldn't write so late at night. gnome-media is also trying to get in testing still. It was ready to go, but a critical bug prevents it. Unfortunately, fixing the rc bug will mean it'll get into all the transition hell.