Sun, 18 Jul 2004

Quick Debian GNOME update

While all the critical bits are in Sarge now, there are some packages like gnome-applets that still need to transition. All of the remaining stuff is waiting on gst-plugins0.8, which should be ready to enter testing tonight. The only thing preventing this is that it needs the new version of libxml2 as well, and libxml2 isn't being built on hppa due to a binutils/gcc/whatever bug. Hopefully this will be corrected soonish and gst-plugins will finally be able to get in testing, allowing me to stop these stupid posts on the matter. ;)

I still dont have the icons when the gnome start. I have to run nautilus (my home folder) for the icons to appear. Im with the last gnome in sarge (all is updated)

Posted by gaba at Sun Jul 25 10:25:23 2004

Gaba: for some reason, you are not running Nautilus in your session. You can add it using the session editor in Preferences -> Advanced -> Session.
Or you can probably remove ~/.gnome2/session after exiting GNOME.

Posted by Jordi at Sun Jul 25 12:29:18 2004