Tue, 15 Jun 2004

GNOME 2.6 transition

Today, the first chunks of GNOME 2.6 will start entering Sarge, if nothing strange happens. Things look quite ok right now, with all the autobuilders keeping up to date and with the RC bugs sorted out. The only bit that could be a bit more complicated is the libcupsys transition to gnutls10, as a few big packages are involved: GNOME, KDE, Samba, CUPS and wine. The latter is dragging a dependency for the new alsa-lib 1.0.5 packages, which will probably delay it 5 days or so. There's an RC bug on Samba which could be problematic, but the maintainers probably will do something about it before alsa-lib is ready to go. With a bit of luck, this will go more or less smoothly in, unlike when we did the 2.2->2.4 transition, which was stalled by a series of unfortunate incidents (including the Debian security compromise).

Thanks to the Debian Gnome Team!

I've been using Gnome with Debian for years, but
recently things have improved so much, it is almost

Your great work is very much appreciated!

/ralph -- running 2.6 from unstable now, and it is
  the best Unix desktop I ever had.

Posted by Ralph Aichinger at Tue Jun 15 13:42:14 2004

Well, it seems that something strange happened: gtk2.0 is stuck.

It seems that the problem might be that a couple of packages aren't built for alpha: librsvg2 and libgsf.  These are depended on by librsvg2-common.  It seems that first we need those two packages built for alpha, then it might be necessary to hint gtk2.0 and librsvg2 to go in together.

Looks like a hint will be needed to get gtk2.0
to go in together with librsvg2; maybe the various
gtk-engines packages too, though I don't see what
the holdup is there.

Posted by Joe Buck at Wed Jun 16 02:11:44 2004

Hi Joe,

Yeah, we're aware of this. libgsf and librsvg for Alpha are in incoming now, and the hint is installed. No worries then.

OTOH, I see gnome-panel made it into testing today, but not gnome-applets. Something similar happened in the 2.2 -> 2.4 transition, and it was unpleasant. -applets is stalled by gstreamer0.8. I'm going to investigate this now.

Posted by Jordi at Wed Jun 16 09:58:27 2004

Correction, it seems it wasn't so bad. Nothing important has entered testing yet, due some unexpected problems...

Posted by Jordi at Wed Jun 16 10:05:22 2004