Fri, 06 Oct 2006

Debian etch will ship with GNOME 2.14

This is already old news, but I haven't commented here yet. We already hinted this possibility in my previous blog entry on this topic, but sometime last week, we made it official.

After speaking to some people upstream, we got the impression that the GTK situation was way too risky to do a GTK 2.10 migration, with no hints on when the file selector problems would be solved. As of today, and two GTK 2.10 releases later, not all of the issues appear to have been resolved in this branch, so we may have chosen the right path.

So, with this information in our hands, we described the whole situation to the release managers, explaining what the options were, and they, of course, had no doubt on what was better for etch.

The last two months before the release, we'll try to polish the last few bits that we'd like to improve in the current 2.14 packages. For example, Joss just made a change to the session manager, to make it possible to save the user's session easily, a feature which was present until GNOME 2.12, then removed in 2.14 with apparently no sane replacement of saving sessions available for the user.

I must admit I'm a bit disappointed about not being to ship all the work we've been doing with GNOME 2.16 in experimental, although I believe it was the right choice. If the etch release is delayed for some major reason, and let's hope it's not, that might open a window to see a transition going on, if the fixes are finally in and we consider our packages release quality. If not, we're sorry, but we won't be able to sell the “latest GNOME version” argument in our release PR. ;)

The Debian GNOME team has already been talking about doing a “semi-official” 2.16 backport for etch though, so people can use stable with the current GNOME, at least for a few months. We'll see how it goes...

Anymore news on this?

It seems that etch has been delayed long enough that there does not seem to be much sense in shipping it with the soon to be year old 2.14.

Please migrate 2.16. :)

Posted by tim at Tue Feb 22 05:38:42 2000

It's March 1, 2007 already. And etch is not released yet. The release bugcount is in the 80's so it seems that etch won't be released any time very soon.

On the other hand, more than 6 months passed since Gnome 2.16 was officially released. So it should be very stable by now.

Is it possible to include Gnome 2.16 in the upcoming etch release? Since Gnome 2.18 is coming very soon now...

The etch is not released yet, but Gnome 2.14 is already more than a year old...

Posted by Alexandru at Wed Mar 1 03:37:48 2000

How ironic... if etch is out on schedule, which would be a great thing that hasn't happened in a while, it will already be outdated... as usual.

Posted by glandium at Fri Oct 6 22:13:52 2006

Could you guys at least please consider upgrading gtk-engines and gnome-icon-theme?

I know the g-i-t may cause troubles in GNOME 2.14, which is why I propose to do something a little different about it: rename the 2.14 theme to gnome-icon-theme-classic, rename its dir from /usr/share/icons/gnome to /usr/share/icons/gnome-classic, and make the 2.16 theme (provided in /usr/share/icons/gnome) require and inherit the 2.14 theme. This way:

1) Debian etch will have a nicer looking theme, which is one of the major 2.16 features;

2) users who like the old theme better can still have it;

3) profit!

Also, I don't see why other packages shouldn't be upgraded if they don't require the GNOME 2.16 platform. evolution, evince, totem may be good candidates, as they are much improved over the versions currently in etch.

Posted by trent at Fri Oct 6 22:23:09 2006

Trent, the bad news is that many of the interesting updates do have dependencies on the GTK 2.10/GNOME 2.16 stack. Evince and Epiphany have transitioned to the new (and a lot better) printing API, for example.

Posted by Jordi at Sat Oct 7 11:05:50 2006

You should post official announcements to official lists. If this is the announcement that Debian Etch will ship with GNOME 2.14, you should post it to debian-gtk-gnome list, which discussion can take place.

It is a pity to see that Frans Pop says that Debian will ship with 2.14 and there is no position from GNOME maintainers.

Posted by JoseSogo at Sun Oct 8 13:03:42 2006

gtk+ 2.10 is API and ABI stable with gtk+ 2.8. Which means there is no risk in upgrading from one version to the other. It's pretty lame that the debian gtk/gnome team can't manage to upload a new version of the library.

Posted by John at Tue Oct 10 00:37:55 2006

I don't mind, as long as you make sure to compile the 2.16 version in experimental against non-GNOME libraries from unstable rather than against other libraries in experimental (for instance, several GNOME-libs/packages in 2.16 have been compiled against the experimental version of libc6, which makes testing GNOME 2.16 a scary affair...)

Posted by David Weinehall at Tue Oct 10 09:15:53 2006

Some packages from 2.16 show up in unstable right now. Does this mean there are plans to ship 2.16?

Posted by Trigger at Sun Oct 22 14:08:23 2006

No more news for 2.16 in unstable? Still waiting for GTK 2.10.6 debugging ?

Posted by FL at Thu Nov 9 09:20:12 2006

We want GNOME-2.16 in Etch,if not please post gnome-2.16 backport for debian,please dont mix debian repos with ubuntu craps,debian should be debian.

Posted by Prakash Jose Kokkattu at Thu Nov 16 16:45:39 2006