Sat, 01 Apr 2006

GNOME 2.14 visits unstable

And after a long and boring week and a half of ordered Development Platform uploads, today the first few Desktop packages have started to hit unstable. I expect that the entire 2.14 release will be ready for your apt-get'ing in just a few days more.

Of course, that doesn't include Ekiga, as their dependencies seem to be in a debian-legal trap...

The most exciting bit of this round of uploads is the participation of at least 3 new Debian GNOME maintainers, including... new people looking after the evolution packages!

Awesome! I've been looking forward to this! It also means one less transition when I upload Xorg 7 to unstable this week :-)

Posted by David Nusinow at Sat Apr 1 21:51:13 2006

Wake up, people! It's been a month and there are still 2.12 packages in unstable. I know, I know. Out of time, full job (the "daily" job, not the "nightly"-debian one). Some even claim that they have a hardware called a girlfriend, which required daily maintenance. Bu hey! Take a look at your priorities. You won't win eternal fame in your next potato chips bag. Get to work!

Just kidding. I really appreciate your work. I know that permament out-of-time feeling myself.

Posted by Debian contributor at Tue May 2 00:31:29 2006