Tue, 14 Jun 2005

GNOME 2.10 transition complete!

The GNOME team has completed all the many uploads needed to bring GNOME 2.10.1 into unstable. Now, please help us find the remaining bugs before the packages start trickling into etch, so people tracking testing get a polished desktop.

In parallel, the very famous seb128, kov, lool and other GNOME team members are working on getting rid of as many GNOME 1.x components as possible for the etch release. Easy victims are libgtop1 and glade1, while other libraries like gnome-libs have some more time to annoy us, as their rdepends is still too long. Adopt a GNOME 1.x application and port it to GNOME 2 today!

I installed Gnome 2.10 thanks to apt. /apt-get install gnome-core/
The menu Debian isn't present now, I don't understant why.
Moreover, I don't be happy because yelp depends on mozilla-browser. It's very unplaisant because I use Mozilla-firefox and I have to install mozilla-browser?!?

Sorry for my english because I'm French..


Posted by Arnaud at Wed Jun 15 15:56:30 2005

yelp depends on mozilla-browser because it uses Gecko as a rendering engine, which (for right now) relies on mozilla-browser being installed.

Posted by hannibal at Wed Jun 15 19:36:01 2005