Fri, 23 Jan 2004

A few Debian updates

I did some Debian stuff this afternoon. In the ALSA front, I had a go at updating alsa-modules-i386 to use the 2.4.24 kernel (for those who wonder where the packages are, they are stuck in the new/ queue). Sometimes, we ALSA Psychos seem to postpone some of our ALSA duties until we're struck with a RC bug. Then it's quite likely that we react in like 2 hours. ElectricElf has been working on getting a list of packages that fail to build with alsa-lib 1.0.x, due to its switch to the new API by default. The list is, luckily for us (and the release guys) very short, and we should be uploading the missing bits of ALSA 1.0.1 in a few days, I hope, after we file bugs against these packages warning about the API change and telling people what the (very simple) fix is. The most wanted part of the ALSA 1.0.1 final release, alsa-driver, was uploaded a few days ago and surprisingly we haven't got any new bugs about it yet.

Mozilla 1.6 landed in unstable last night, making me feel quite uneasy. Yeah, I'm still under the meta-gnome2 syndrome, as it still hasn't made it into testing (there were problems trying to remove the old gnome-core 1.x package), but it should be sorted soon. For more fun, the arm autobuilder surprised us with a successful retry of galeon, which should make it quite easy to have it in testing soon. I quickly warned Mark about not uploading galeon until it goes in (which will happen in a few days due to libbonobo) and he agreed, and uploaded to a private repository instead. Thanks! Galeon 1.3.12 is another nice step towards 2.0, it fixed many of the small bugs that annoyed me every day. Meanwhile, I quickly uploaded Mozilla Euskaraz 1.6, while I wait until the Catalan Mozilla team makes a final decision on translating or not this version (the guy in charge has no time to do this currently, and said he'd prefer doing 1.7; but who knows if Sarge will have Mozilla 1.7...).

I'm even more sleepy today. ^^^ filmiki najlepsze ^^^ [url][/url]

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