Wed, 16 Jun 2004

ALSA bugpile

They keep coming in, and it seems the three members of the Debian ALSA team are too busy with RL or other Debian stuff to handle them. We have bugs with patches that not only have not made their way to unstable, but not even to our CVS repo. Maybe we should start considering asking for a 4th member to join the team, in an attempt to make ALSA packaging a bit more dynamic (as it was some months ago).

As many will have noticed, I was wrong when I said bits of GNOME would go in last night. Actually, GTK+2.4 is supossed to make it tonight, and the more difficult bits will have their chance in the following days. There has been a gstreamer0.8 upload today to fix a RC bug that may delay stuff a bit. I can also see possible problems with meta-gnome2 for 2.4 in testing wanting acme, and control-center 2.6 conflicting it. It probably just means the meta-packages have to go in at the same time as control-center, but this also adds some complexity to the equation. Next chapter, after tonight's testing run. :)

It seems there won't be Claxon Hell in the city due to this evening's Euro 2004 football match. FUTBOLEROS, VIVIDORES! ;)