Wed, 17 Jan 2007

Frenando Alfonso visits València

So last monday, the F1 team “Vodafone McLaren Mercedes <youraddhere>” unveiled their new car, new drivers and all the stuff in València. Many Valencians are still wanki^Wexcited about the event.

Our Great Leader Paco Camps and his Great Team of Consellers prepared a urban racing circuit emulating Monaco, so people could enjoy Fernando Alonso's driving skillz right next to their homes. To accomplish this, one of the most important arteries of the city was closed during 8 or more hours, during a working day, when transit is busiest. And better yet, 1,200,000€ of public money, our money, was spent to set up a show which basically was a huge advertisement of a private team.

This is València though, the land of “mosatros, més!”, and Valencians are pretty much happy with how their taxes are used, or how the city is quickly becoming a huge circus, after 12 (soon to be extended to 16) years of Partido Popular. I can't wait for the 32nd America's Cup!

If anything positive, this show may change the name of the bridge where the Pope did his stuff last Summer (at the time, it was closed to transit during 3 months). Until now popularly called “El Puente del Papa”, hopefully it'll morph to “El Puente de Alonso”, at least until the next show. If I need to choose between Ratzinger and Alonso, hey, give me Alonsomania!