Thu, 27 Apr 2006

Get prepared for Vilanova

Everyone knows IRC is a very useful resource. Today, #gnome-hackers had the basic tips to survive GUADEC moment.

16:23 <@davyd> you can then teach us how to order drinks
16:23 <@davyd> because I can't speak spanish
16:23 < miguel> They dont speak spanish in that down Davyd
16:23 < miguel> They speak Catalan
16:24 < miguel> Which is sort of Spanish - arabic words + a little bit of
                french thrown in
16:24 < jdub> estic cercant els meus pantalons!
16:24 < Ankh> I always thought catalan was a network file access thing
16:24 < hadess> davyd: they seem to prefer somebody speaking english than
                somebody speaking castillan ;)
16:24 < miguel> I know how to order coffee
16:24 < miguel> cafe am llet