Thu, 14 Jul 2005

Pop The Trunk


Last night, three brave adventurers did what many Debconfers haven't dared to do... and they did it at 2AM. Matt Zimmerman, Martin Krafft and Jordi Mallach decided (some helped by alcohol) that it was time to visit the other side.

The other side is quite far away

During one of the hot sauna/skinny swimming in the lak^ocean cycles, I said (once again) that I was going to cross to the other side. The bad news is that Matt picked up the challenge and started swimming, followed by Martin. When we were nearly halfway, we had a little aquatic meeting. There were four alternatives to proceed with:

Looking for a taxi seemed the most fun option, but really: is it actually POSSIBLE to find one for three naked men who don't speak a single word of Finnish, in the middle of the night, and when we (very obviously) are not carrying any money?

Walking all the way back would be feasible, but meant walking quite a few kilometres while getting the worst cold ever.

So we were down to two choices: going back or being real adventurers and tell the rest that we did it. An hour or so after leaving the pier, the three brave men were walking back to the sauna, filled with pride after swimming the 800 metres to the other shore and back.

We tried to carry some stone from the other shore as evidence, but having no pockets made it difficult. In the end, the only evidence is Matt's bruised feet, which he harmed when walking over some sharp stones at the other side.

The only reward was harmful stones and coldness