Fri, 26 Aug 2005

Go on diet?

During our week around the Pyrenees, our meals consisted on dehydrated pasta, rice and soups, along with the little sandwich bread we could carry, and little more, really. Any extra gram sums up in your backpack and if you carry more than you need, you end up paying with exhaustion.

When I got back to Vàlencia I was really looking forward to eating real food, in a plate. I suspected that with that kind of food, I might have lost some weight, and wanted to find out how much. Unfortunately, I've been forgetting to do get on the scale everyday since, until today.

After 5 days of being well fed (and I have surely regained some of my normal weight), I remembered to weight myself before getting lunch and after going to the toilet. The result was alarming, even for me.

Now I'm so ready to be the Debian Skinny subproject leader!

Note this pic was taken after lunch, naked but holding the camera. On my first measurement, I got something like 53.2kg, way less than my usual 57-58kg range. I should probably get serious about gaining weight, even if that means mdz and moray discrown me in our unofficial "lighter DD" contest.