Wed, 15 Sep 2004

jordi aka Oskuro

For a long time I had been thinking about abandoning my old nick Oskuro and start using something simple like jordi.

I picked up Oskuro 8 years ago, when I got involved in a MUD at University. As I came in just a few days after Josep and Raúl started the project, I was given the chance of participating in the development, so I had to pick a nickname. As I had no experience at all in role-playing, I found it difficult to come up with a cool nickname for my Demi-God character, and at some point someone suggested me "Oskuro", as I was going to play the role of the God with bad alignment. Well, how could I imagine at that time that this nickname would follow me until mid-2004 and that so many people would know me by my nick and not for my real name...

I was directly involved in the MUD development until a bit more than 3 years ago, when I joined Debian and the time I could use for mudding activities quickly vanished. I got in touch with Debian's IRC while I was mudding though, so the nick stuck with me in the Debian world. But hey, it's a stupid nick (translates to dark in English, if you don't mind the spelling mistake), and it doesn't make much sense anymore. Many people think I'm dark-skinned when my skin is pale and my hair slightly blonde... :)

I made this change on my jabber profile months ago, and today I finally changed my nick on OpenProjects and OFTC, not yet on GIMPnet as "jordi" is owned by Jordi Mas in that network. I guess I'll stick to jordim there, which is my * user name. I'll keep using both randomly as a transition, but at some point I'll abandon my old nickname for good. In short, look for me at jordi@OPN/OFTC on IRC!