Wed, 12 May 2004

What he blogs about

FWIW, I like jfleck's blog entries and I would like to be able to read them in Planet GNOME. Many people think, and I agree with them, that the Planets contents don't need to be related to what the planet community is about, but about what the individual community members do in general, computer related or not. John's writings about Global Warming and of course cycling are nice to read. I should write more about triathlon. :)

Claxon hell has stopped a bit in Valencia after two horrible days, with thousands of people collapsing the city and annoying us who don't care much with continuous car horn noise. The bad thing is that it's quite likely to happen again if Valencia wins the UEFA Cup as well in little more than one week. Aaargh.

I really want a real Spring. Since the season started, it has been raining intermittently every few days of decent weather. Come one, this is not what Spain is about!

We have ordered DSL, ending the era of a 56kbps link to the Internet at my mother's. I hope Wanadoo isn't too crappy.